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Covid Charts

Quick, concise global trends and country comparisons of COVID-19.


A sharp and fast look at the most recent trends affecting your business. Allowing you to easily consume data, driven by Destination Country and Area.

Travel Insight Charts

Interactive graphs, maps and reports showing tourism trends. Get an in-depth view of sales patterns for destination areas in Africa and countries from which tourism is originating.

Composer Charts

Create your own charts and reports with easy to use report and chart builders, bringing focus to tourism in Africa.

Booking Trends

See booking trends in tourism

Our goal is to show you active markets so you can make strategic decisions.

With Covid-19 still a global pandemic, it’s hard to predict what the markets will look like over the next few months. Seeing which markets are opening up, in what timeframes, and from which countries, is now more important than ever.

With you can see patterns of recovery, as they happen.

Dashboards have been created from anonymously aggregated supplier data, from suppliers primarily in Africa. The charts include the global Covid situation, booking trends in destination areas, as well as countries from which travel is originating, enabling you to identify active markets. These charts also include insights into when these markets are opening up and tourist travel behaviours, for example, average length of stay and lead time before travel.

With this information, you can stimulate sales by applying the best rate strategies and deals to appeal to the first markets that start opening.


Charts available in

  • Covid-19 Overview
  • Covid-19 Trends
  • Covid-19 Vaccinations
  • Occupancies
  • Sales & Travel Movements
  • Travel Routes
  • Booking Tempo
  • Travel Behaviour
  • Yield Lead Times Materialisation
  • Chart Composer
  • Report Composer shows you patterns of recovery as it happens.

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